8 Surprising Travel Essentials that Fit in the Palm of Your Hand

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On my recent trips to LA and Thailand, I discovered a few essential travel items that I will never again vacation without.

I’ll skip telling you that an iPod, headphones, portable phone charger, and credit card are your essential items- that’s a given. I think the list below might surprise you, and also change the way you pack.

#1. Headphone splitter

I like to bring a small DVD player and some DVDs on long road trips or flights, but I’m not a fan of having to take items that are big and kind of unnecessary, which is why I love this tiny device. During my last grueling flight, I used my headphone splitter to plug into the movie my sister was watching, and discovered the awesomeness of mooching off the person you’re traveling with. Entertainment made very easy.

#2. Earplugs

Depending on who you’re staying with in your hotel, what part of town you’re staying in, or who happens to be on your flight (we’ve all shared the plane with a crying baby!), earplugs for sleeping, napping, getting work done, or just enjoying some quiet time are an absolute lifesaver.

#3. Laptop speaker

During my recent flight to LA I caught a bit of a cold and opted to stay in one evening. My handy laptop speaker allowed me to relax and comfortably watch Netflix on my laptop from bed.

#4. Wellness Formula pills

After getting sick and then quickly getting better on my recent trip (thanks to finding these pills at a local Whole Foods), I will never again take a trip without packing a bottle of Wellness Formula tablets in my carry-on. Not only do planes tend to be germy, but your trip might be fast-paced and potentially include some sleep deprivation. Taking one pill every hour or two when you start seeing the first signs of getting sick will knock it out of your system by the next day!

#5. Ginger pills

Maybe I’m on my own here, but I get nauseas more than usual when on a trip. Whether I’m on a boat, bus, or ate something unusual, I frequently feel a little ‘iffy.’ However, I’ve been able to nip my nausea in the bud during this time by keeping a bottle of ginger pills in my purse.

#6. Scarf

For some reason, I’ve never been creative in this area. I’ve never used a scarf for anything other than to keep my neck warm. However, in Thailand I’ve used my cotton scarf as a blanket on charter buses, as a picnic blanket (when needed unexpectedly), and to cover my shoulders when going into temples in Thailand. I even considered using it as a bathing suit cover during a recent outing on my trip. After this, I will never leave town without one.

#7. Kindle

This one might be a little bigger than the palm of your hand, but it’s worth mentioning. I recently converted from paperbacks to eBook when taking trips, and I have to say, although I’m old-fashioned, I love the convenience of having nearly my entire library with me on the road.

#8. Chapstick with SPF

Forgot your sunscreen? No problem, in a pinch, use Chapstick with SPF to protect yourself from the sun.

I’m sure you could manage without any of these, but if you want to experience vacationing more comfortably, pack these 8 items the next time you leave town.

Happy travels!

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